review of divergent!

let me just say that i’ve read and loved all three books and couldn’t wait to see the movie. after seeing it, here are my thoughts

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I agree with most of this. What bothered me the most was that tris never called him Tobias. I also didnt like that Tori seemed stuck up and mean and that’s not really what she was like in the book. We never even learned drew’s and molly’s names. Molly was never nice to tris so she shouldn’t have said “tris, that was cool.” Tris and Al’s friendship wasn’t explained well, Al never said he liked her. So his suicide was unfortunate at the most. SHE NEVER TOLD CALEB TO RESEARCH THE SERUM. HER MOM NEVER TOLD HER TO TELL HIM. VISITING DAY DIDNT EVEN FREAKING HAPPEN. that is think was just an unnecessary plot change. I’m very upset about the lack of Edward, uriah, and the kiss by the chasm.

Still, overall, very good movie. Theo James is SO attractive. (he was on downton Abbey! The guy who died while having sex with Mary!)